One on-One Coaching


Aletta was recommended to me by a friend as a professional speaker’s coach when I was invited to speak to a really large audience. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but found Aletta to be extremely insightful, focused, creative and really good at what she does. Within 2 sessions, my talk had changed its’ nature completely from dry, over-complicated and too much information, to a visual journey of key messages, an interesting theme, the right stories and just the right amount of information to interest and inspire. I received really awesome feedback from the audience and the organisers. Thanks Aletta for helping me shape my expression to really make a difference and touch the hearts and mind of people.

Debbie Craig – Owner Catalyst Consulting and World Alive

I have worked with Aletta a couple of times now and my speaking has improved immensely. It’s amazing how you can improve a presentation in a 1-hour coaching session. Aletta has an incredible way of drawing the best out of you and what you want to say and really helping you deliver an impactful, thought provoking presentation that leaves the audience in awe. I have been speaking for years but I can honestly say, in two hours she has helped me make an even greater impact. I only wish I had come to her at the start! I would highly recommend seeing Aletta to help you prepare for any presentation if you really want to wow and make an impact on your audience!

Tammy Godsall – Happiness Coach, Speaker and President Hout Bay Toastmasters

Aletta helped me find the best, most effective, and most natural way of communicating my message and story to the audience. She did that through helping me pinpoint exactly what I wanted the audience to feel and what I wished they would remember and learn from my speech.  As a result my speech was written and constructed in such a way that I didn’t feel the need to memorise or practice it, for she taught me to speak from the heart and trust that I know my story and that I know the right words.  In the end I was more than happy, excited, confident, and comfortable to speak clearly and honestly in front of the audience. I managed to deliver a flawless and heartfelt speech that was wonderfully received by the crowd. I will always remember it as a positive, beautiful, and important moment in my life.  Aletta enabled me to transform a daunting experience into an incredibly meaningful one.
Aniek Nieuwenhuis Speech Coaching Testimonial



Thank you for this wonderful report back on the learning experience. The feedback from the group is so inspiring – you have made a difference and most of them mention that their confidence is boosted.

It is a great privilege to work with you and easy to see why people benefit from your courses. Anyone can put together a training pack with the right material, but your authenticity and empathy with every individual makes all the difference
Rentia Mulder – Foods Academy Manager, Woolworths

“Aletta is an inspiration. She has opened up my eyes to a new way of speaking. As a speaker and trainer, I have found the principles and information, both practical and inspirational. I have attended three of Aletta’s workshops and I highly recommend Aletta Rochat as your speech coach, to become a better speaker. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional; Aletta can take your speaking to another level.
Chris Adlam – Speaker, Trainer, Photographer

Aletta is the #1 Speaker Trainer in Africa. If you want to improve your public speaking, executive presentations, sales presentations, or if you are looking for a keynote speaker — look no further. She’s a Certified World Class Speaking Coach and it shows.
James Hurford – Founder Owner The Confidence Doctor