An empowering workshop that will put theory into action. Participants create their own presentation at the last minute – with proven success! Participants are given a template to guide their thinking, and then it is show time! This workshop is a game-changer. It builds competence and confidence. Your team and your business will reap the rewards.

Conflict is a daily reality that can distract and cripple teams. Learn how to navigate conflict positively. This practical workshop identifies the key elements of the game of conflict. Being able to understand the dynamics behind behaviour empowers the participants to manage their own reaction to conflict. They leave with skills that help them manage conflict when it arises.

Learn how to craft a presentation that connects, engages and delivers. This proven process will save you time and deliver results. Participants are taken through a process that helps them distill their message and engage with the audience. They leave with more confidence, clarity and purpose. Your team and your business will reap the results.

We all have stories to share. Often we simply don’t know how to go about doing so. This interactive workshop shows people how to share their story. We work to identify the key elements of a story worth sharing. Stories can be assets to your business. Sharing your story can help you engage customers and build loyalty. Participants will leave with an engaging story that they can share to build their business, to support a cause or to leave a legacy.

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, attending a Heroic Public Speaking Masterclass

On stage in Vancouver, Canada